Customer Support & Client Success Manager

Liftz is looking to hire an experienced customer service and client success manager to help improve customer satisfaction and help streamline the different processes including reporting and staying on top of customer satisfaction.

We currently work with a great call center that has helped us create good support however, we need a dedicated and experience customer service and client success manager to ensure client satisfaction.

We are currently taking about 2000 calls per week, and we need to QA a about 10 to 15% of those calls, listen to customers and prospects and design solutions that will ensure maximum customer satisfaction.


  • Quality Assure 12% to 15% of the calls on a weekly basis.
  • Help design opportunities and spot trends early on
  • Streamline reporting so all metrics can be kept an eye on from 1 single dashboard. We currently have data across multiple dashboards and channels.
  • Ensure clients that return product are refunded quickly and efficiently.
  • Help with support across multiple channels such as PayPal.
  • Ensure customer satisfaction across the board while helping decrease customer complaints.
  • Bring ideas and your best attitude to help us keep growing.


  • Proven working experience as a Customer Service Success Manager.
  • Fluent English is a must.
  • Outstanding presentation, reporting and communication skills.
  • Focus and attention to detail.
  • Organizational and multitasking abilities.
  • Reliability and strong work ethics.
  • Continuous improvement mindset.
  • Ability to solve problems, suggest improvements and establish new procedures.
  • Fast learner and proactive. Investigative and research initiative.
  • Teamwork ability in a fast-paced multicultural environment.
  • Availability to work in EST (Eastern Standard Time) office hours.
  • Stable and good speed Internet connection for working from home.
  • Experience in the Ecommerce/Marketing industry is a plus.
  • Recommended Computer Requirements:
    • Intel or AMD PC (Not Mac or Tablet).
    • Minimum 4 Cores, 4 Logical Processors.
    • 3.0 GHz processor speed.